COVID-19 Chatbot for Higher Education Webinar July 28th 2020

COVID-19 botWe are living in the new normal and the next year will prove to be unlike any in the past. Information is changing at a rapid pace and students, faculty, and staff want fast, up-to-date answers. IntraSee’s COVID-19 bot for Higher Education can address these needs and be deployed in as little as a week. This AI bot uses the same ODA Platform our full enterprise digital assistants run on and comes pre-built with over 70 COVID-19 questions specific to your institution. Webcast registration.

A Sophisticated Digital Assistant to plug into your entire Campus System

The full promise of digital assistants can be realized once you authenticate your users, provide personalized answers and integrate into key enterprise systems. Students can track their academic progress, update their data, or check financial aid all in one digital assistant. Advisors, faculty and staff can save time by asking the digital assistant to perform automated processes or remind students of key deadlines. This is the new wave of technology in Higher Ed. Join us to see how students, parents, faculty and staff will engage in the conversational campus. Visit the IntraSee website.

Campus Digital Assistants (Chatbots)

Join Oracle and IntraSee for a one-hour webinar to learn how digital assistants (chatbots) shorten wait times, reduce helpdesk costs, and increase student, faculty and staff engagement across Higher Ed campuses.
In this webinar, we will demonstrate how digital assistants can:
– Answer common questions with and without authentication
– Decrease help desk calls, improve productivity, and provide better user experiences
– Drive student success with proactive reminders
– Automate tasks for all users
– Increase engagement
– Integrate with PeopleSoft, Oracle Student Cloud, and other Cloud applications (ex. Canvas, Blackboard, Salesforce, etc.).
– Prepare your campus for the next wave: The Conversational Campus

Webcast: Transform the Student Experience with a Campus Digital Assistant!

Schedule: July 28th 1:00 PM ETAndrew Bediz

Andrew Bediz
President & Co-founder
Higher Ed Digital Assistant Expert

Webcast registration

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