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· Introduction to the New ODA Conversation Designer by Frank Nimphius

· Announcing Java 13: News from Oracle Code One 2019

· Oracle Functions: Using Key Management To Encrypt And Decrypt Configuration Variables by Todd Sharp

· Storing Image Files in Your Database from a Visual Builder App by Shay Shmeltzer

· Tired Of Apps? Try Implementing Digital Assistants by Gustavo Gonzalez

· Intelligent Content Platform: Built to Innovate by Lee Ribeiro

· The Cloud Native Equation: The Hidden Force Behind Swift App Development by Bob Shimp

· Optimize GraalVM Native Images & Tools for GraalVM 19.2

· Use Macros in Oracle Content and Experience

· On-Demand Labs: Oracle Cloud Adventure

· Cloud Test Drive Hands-on Labs

· Oracle Cloud Hands-on Labs

· Setting Up a Front-End JavaScript Application with Oracle JET

· Build and Deploy a Helidon Microservice Using Oracle Developer Cloud by Abhinav Shroff

· Graduating from Minimal to Rich Java APIs by Donald Raab

· Oracle Container Services for use with Kubernetes – Certificates (and how to Update them!) by David Gilpin

· Running Oracle JET on Heroku with Node.js (JET Showcase) by Andrejus Baranovskis

· Oracle JET 7 Released – New version of Oracle’s Open Source JavaScript Extension Toolkit

· Functions and Events: Managed Services for Conquering Complexity by Bob Quillin

· Helidon Brings MicroProfile 2.2+ Support by Dmitry Kornilov

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