Creating Multi-Select Lists in Oracle Digital Assistant by Frank Nimphius


Using multi-select lists are common user interface widgets in mobile and web application development. In conversations, graphical multi-select lists are difficult to create because users not only would need to select values, they also would need to click on a button to progress to a next dialog flow state. Here, form based use cases as in web and mobile are much better suited for the use of multi select lists.

Still, multi value selects is an options available in Oracle Digital Assistant. As shown in the image below, at runtime, the list value options are displayed for the user to type one or many list value options separated by a space character. Notice that though item 6. is “garlic oil”, the selection also works by simply typing oil. The reason for this to work is that the multi select list is implemented on a custom value list entity, which makes smart entity extraction using synonyms an option. You could also select values by typing:  I want cheese and garlic and cream. The entity only selects values it knows about as entity values of synonyms. Read the complete article here.

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