Converting Web App to a Mobile App with Visual Builder by Shay Shmeltzer


Oracle Visual Builder provides a unified development platform that allows you to build both web applications – accessed from browsers – and mobile applications – installed on devices. The development environment however keeps the development of those two as separate things in Visual Builder. There are several reasons for this including among others the belief that designing a good mobile experience – small device and touch gesture – is different from designing an application that is used on a desktop with a mouse. That being said, the technology, framework, and app structure for both applications is basically the same. So, with a little hacking you can take an app that started as a web app and packages it as a mobile app. This is what the video below shows.

While the core of the application is the same, there are several things we create in the wrapping artifacts of your mobile app that are different from your web app, for example your mobile app gives you a place to specify iOS and Android build configurations as well as PWA options. If you already have a web application in place, instead of manually adding all of these, it is easier to create the mobile app using Visual Builder, and then just copy the flows and pages over. Read the complete article here.

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