Leverage NPM JavaScript Module from Java application using GraalVM by Lucas Jellema


Interoperability from Java to JavaScript has been an objective for the Java community for quite a while. With GraalVM, there is great way to run JavaScript code from within Java applications. The interaction itself is faster, more robust and more ‘native’ (rather than bolt-on) than earlier mechanisms. For developers, the interaction is easy to implement. And this opens up great opportunities for leveraging from Java many of the great community resources in the JavaScript community – for example many of the modules available from NPM.

This article shows how the NPM Validator Module – which implements dozens of very useful data validation algorithms – can be hooked into a Java application. With little effort, the Java developer tasked with implementing and endlessly testing several advanced validations is able to make use of what his JavaScript brothers and sisters have produced and shared. Of course the Validator module is just an example – thousands of NPM modules can be woven into Java applications through the polyglot capabilities of GraalVM. Read the complete article here.

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