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· London Oracle Dev Meet-up gets Blockchained Whilst the weather may have put some off venturing out, not for our intrepid duo of presenters – Joost Volker (Oracle PM for a Blockchain) and Robert van Mölken Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador and author of Blockchain Across a Oracle who both had to negotiate protesting farmers, traffic jams, flight delays (wrong kind of rain to land in London) and London’s rush hour traffic.

· Tech Dive: Turn Conversation Design Ideas into a Chatbot In this article from Oracle Magazine, learn how to use the Conversation Designer in Oracle Digital Assistant by creating an example prototype of a chatbot for ordering pizza and pasta. First you need to download a free trial of Oracle Cloud.

· Autonomous Agents—Powered by AI—Are Transforming Services, and the Future The true potential of machine learning and autonomous computing involves improving day-to-day business decisions, such as how to price products, recognize fraud, and circumvent customer churn, says Chuck Hollis, senior vice president of cloud infrastructure at Oracle. Hollis coined the term autonomous enterprise to describe organizations where many decisions are made with the help of machine learning models.

· Java Development with Autonomous Transaction Processing Dedicated

· GraalVM: Native Images in Containers

· Java Language Futures with Brian Goetz

· Easily Run Docker and Kubernetes on Oracle Cloud

· Train Your Oracle Digital Assistant

· Try Early Access to Cloud Native API Gateway and Logging

· On-Demand Events: Oracle Code Online & On-Demand Labs: Oracle Cloud Adventure & Cloud Test Drive Hands-on Labs & Oracle Cloud Hands-on Labs & Jump-Start 20-Minute Hands-on Labs

· 5 Highlights from Larry Ellison at Oracle OpenWorld Here are highlights from the keynotes and Q&A session by Oracle Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer Ellison.

· Oracle OpenWorld: A Vision to Disrupt the Cloud Oracle is shifting to a new generation of cloud and data management solutions.

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