Integrating Live Agents using Oracle Service Cloud, Zendesk, and ServiceNow with the Oracle Digital Assistant by Scott Wall


Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) is a robust and versatile chatbot platform that can be utilized for a variety of use cases. One such use case is to provide relief to a costly and overworked live agent support staff.

So, how do we accomplish this? No chatbot solution on the market can fully replace the knowledge and understanding of a human agent, but they can provide support for a variety of topics. At Fishbowl, we try to identify the high-volume questions or repetitive tasks being asked of live agents that we could easily replace or augment with a chatbot. This can mean an integration with a backend system to bring back the status of a customer’s order, or even something as simple as answering frequently asked questions (FAQs), such as providing information on a company’s return policy. But what about the rest of the customer’s questions? If a user asks a question that is outside of the scope of the chatbot, an answer of “I don’t know how to answer that” isn’t good enough. This is when the chatbot can transfer the user over to an existing live agent chat system.

Oracle Service Cloud Integration

Since Digital Assistant is an Oracle product, the live chat solution that works out of the box with the least amount of customization is Oracle Service Cloud. Inside of the chatbot, we can easily define which fields we would want to pass through to Service Cloud. This can be the customer’s information, such as email or phone number that they have entered in their chatbot conversation, or additional information, such as chat topic or chat queue ID that can help the agent provide better support to the customer. Additionally, the transcript of the conversation between the customer and the chatbot is passed through to the live agent so the customer doesn’t have to answer the same questions twice.

Zendesk and ServiceNow Integrations

It is also possible to integrate other live agent systems with Oracle Digital Assistant. Some other systems that Fishbowl has integrated live chat with are Zendesk and ServiceNow. These live chats take place inside of the existing chat widgets provided by the respective systems. Read the complete article here.

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