Deploy Oracle WebLogic Domain (Domain-home-in-image) on Kubernetes using Oracle WebLogic Operator by Maciej Gruszka


This lab demonstrates how to deploy and run Weblogic Domain container packaged Web Application on Kubernetes Cluster using Oracle WebLogic Server Kubernetes Operator 2.0.

The demo Web Application is a simple JSP page which shows WebLogic Domain’s MBean attributes to demonstrate WebLogic Operator features.


WebLogic domain can be located either in a persistent volume (PV) or in a Docker image. There are advantages to both approaches, and there are sometimes technical limitations of various cloud providers that may make one approach better suited to your needs.

This tutorial implements the Docker image with the WebLogic domain inside the image deployment. This means all the artefacts, domain related files are stored within the image. There is no central, shared domain folder from the pods. This is similar to the standard installation topology where you distribute your domain to different host to scale out Managed servers. The main difference is that using container packaged WebLogic Domain you don’t need to use pack/unpack mechanism to distribute domain binaries and configuration files between multiple host. Get the lab here.

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