Updates on Class Initialization in GraalVM Native Image Generation by Christian Wimmer


The GraalVM native-image tool enables ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation of Java applications into native executables or shared libraries. While traditionally Java code is just-in-time (JIT) compiled at run time, AOT compilation has two main advantages: first, it improves the start-up time since the code is already pre-compiled into efficient machine code. Second, it reduces the memory footprint of Java applications since it eliminates the need to include infrastructure to load and optimize code at run time.

Native image generation opens up new optimization possibilities: parts of the application can be initialized at image build time, to avoid running the same initialization code over and over again at every application start up. The Feature API allows application code to be run before or during the static points-to analysis that finds the reachable classes, methods, and fields. Objects created during build time are available at run time in the so-called image heap. Read the complete article here.

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