Using RAW Message Payloads in Custom Components to Leverage Channel Specific UI Extensions (MS TEAMS Example) by Frank Nimphius


Connectors in Oracle Digital Assistant ensure that the bot response is rendered best for different messengers. The foundation of this rendering is the conversation message model (CMM) that is the metadata used by Oracle Digital Assistant built-in components to define the bot user interface. The metadata is then transformed by connectors to the format expected by messengers like Facebook, Slack, MS Teams and many more. Custom components integrate with CMM through the MessageModel class in the Oracle custom component SDK.

Like when using the System.CommonResponse component channelCustomProperties component (as explained in another Oracle TechExchange article*), you can return a message payload from custom components that are messenger specific and that allow you to use layout extensions available on a specific messenger channel. By doing so, you bypass the payload format transformation in the channel connectors and instead post the payload “as is” to the messenger client.

In this article, I explain how you use the MessageModel’s RAW message format to send a channel specific layout. The example used is Microsoft Teams’ adaptive card layout.

*) Tech-Exchange Quick-Tip: Adding Channel Specific UI Extensions Using the System.CommonResponse Component ChannelCustomProperties Property (MS Teams Example)


The image below shows the the output rendered by the custom component that you can download for this article. The custom component uses multiple text messages and an attachment message to print a confirmation for a pasta order. Read the complete article here.

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