MicroProfile 3.2 and Helidon MP 1.4 — new Maven bundles by Tim Quinn


The recent 1.4 release of Project Helidon includes support for the new MicroProfile 3.2 release.

The major change in the new MicroProfile release is MicroProfile Metrics 2.2 (which is basically the same as 2.1 but with one incompatible change reverted).

TL;DR — existing Helidon MP apps work with Helidon 1.4

Updating the Helidon version

Your existingpom.xml probably already has a dependency on some Helidon MP bundle. Change the <version> in that dependency to <1.4.0>.

Using the same, earlier MicroProfile release

By simply changing the Helidon version as above, you allow your app to use Helidon 1.4 with whatever earlier MicroProfile release you had been using. Read the complete article here.

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