Creating Your First API Gateway In The Oracle Cloud by Todd Sharp


Microservices and serverless are more popular than ever with teams around the globe adopting these patterns and architectures at an extremely high rate. However, the first thing that many teams find out when working with microservices and serverless at scale is that you soon end up with a pretty complex series of endpoints that need to be managed for your front end and mobile APIs. For that reason, many teams adopt an API Gateway to simplify the backend and act as a “single point of entry” for all clients. API Gateways also give you the ability to easily implement things like rate limiting, CORS and authentication in your architecture since you can address those at the gateway level instead of the individual function or service.

In this post we will take a look at one of the newest offerings in the Oracle Cloud – API Gateway.

Hey! API Gateway is currently a Limited Availability feature. If you are interested in trying it out, please use this form to request access.

We’ll do the following things:

· Create and deploy a “hello world” serverless function

· Create a subnet suitable for our API gateway

· Create a dynamic group and apply the necessary policies for API gateway

· Create the gateway

· Deploy a spec to the gateway

· Test the gateway

Create and deploy a “hello world” serverless function. Read the complete article here.

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