Tutorial Oracle Digital Assistant Native SDK for Web/JavaScript


This 45-minute tutorial shows you how to use the Oracle Native SDK for Web/JavaScript (also known as Oracle Web SDK) to add to your web site a chat window that communicates with an Oracle Digital Assistant skill. You’ll start with a basic web interface and then learn how to use the SDK to customize and enhance the behavior and look and feel.

Note: This tutorial won’t work if you are using Oracle Digital Assistant Release 19.4.1, since the version of the SDK that this tutorial requires is only available for instances of Digital Assistant that have been provisioned on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (Gen 2). For information on setting up a web channel on Digital Assistant 19.4.1, see Expose Your Digital Assistant through a Web Channel.


While your customers can access your skills through many platforms, such as Android apps, Twilio SMS, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and Slack, they also can access skills directly from your website through the Oracle Web SDK. This feature gives your customers the opportunity to ask questions, complete transactions, resolve problems, and so on, as they browse your web pages.

The SDK’s features include:

· Configurable components, such as

o Timestamp display

o Chat bubble size and padding

o Font color and size

o Custom buttons and icons

o Chat widget size

· Autocompletion of text

· JWT client authentication

The SDK connects to the Oracle Chat Server, which stands between Oracle Digital Assistant and the skill (or digital assistant). The chat server then passes messages to the skill for processing and delivers the skill’s response to the client. Get the tutorial here.

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