Developer Partner Community Newsletter October 2020

Dear Developer Partner Community,

Chatbots based on the Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) platform can be customized solutions or pre-build applications. For Oracle SaaS like CX, ERP and HCM pre-build ODA skills are available. Partners can implement and extend this chatbots. Attend the community webcast for the latest update on the service cloud chatbots on October 20th. As the next step we offer free one day hands-on training to innovate SaaS with ODA. An great customer example of a service cloud chatbot is Holly at Hermes. Customers like the State of Oklahome and the City of LA use chabots to respond to the pandemic. And customers excellerate to adopt chatbot technology for fast and more efficient innovative services. Kmart in Australia launched KBot a augmented reality retail shopping solution.

Thanks to the community for all the excellent mobile & development tool articles: Oracle Digital Assistant Innovations Update Featuring Office Depot & A Simple Guide to Connecting Oracle Digital Assistant Custom Component to On-prem APIs & Pre-empting User Choices for A Better User Experience & Using BotML in Oracle Digital Assistant to provide a feedback functionality for answers given by a bot & Displaying Multiple Answers for Frequently Asked Questions Using Regular Intents and NLP & Integrating Oracle Digital Assistant in Android Mobile Applications Using Kotlin And The Oracle Android SDK & A Simple But Effective Option For Creating Shortcuts For Value Lists in Oracle Digital Assistant & Using cURL to Export Oracle Digital Assistant Insights Data & What’s New In Oracle Visual Builder Studio – Sep 2020 Release & Multi-row Selection with JET 9 in Visual Builder & Automating Deployment to WebLogic on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

To attend our monthly virtual Oracle Developer Meetup please visit registration page here. You want to network with the Oracle Community? Join our local Oracle Developer Meetup across the world? Visit our Meetup overview page here.

WebLogic Server can be deployed on the Oracle Container Engine (OKE) a great opportunity to shift workload to the cloud. WebLogic Operator streamlines this process. Easy and fast provisioning is available via the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. In the Application Development section we published articles about Announcing Tribuo, a Java Machine Learning library &Project Verrazzano Now on GitHub & Announcing the Micronaut Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Module for Simple SDK Integration and Performant Serverless Functions & Azure Virtual Machines Major Release Available.

For a short summery of our monthly key information watch the PaaS Partner Updates on YouTube. The October edition highlights the free cloud trials and the Integration & Process and Developer partner communities. In this month’s community webcast Martin Jarvis will present the Oracle Digital Assistant for Service Cloud. Please join the Innovate Service Cloud with Chatbots Partner Community Webcast October 20th 2020.

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