Check Code Quality of Your Custom Component Using SonarQube by Luc Bors & Ardhendu Samajdwer



Use of custom component is very common while working with Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA). Whenever you want to make a call to any back-end service or implement complex logic, which otherwise would require multiple dialog flow states, you would be using custom component. A custom component is build using Node.js. While building a custom component, developers often tend to overlook  checking the code quality. While there are various tools available in the market to check the code quality, this article will describe how you can use SonarQube to check code quality of your custom component.


Download and install SonarQube ( on your machine. This will downlaod a .zip file on your machine. Once downloaded, extract it at a favorable location on your machine. Navigate to “bin” folder, which in my case is C:\sonarqube-\bin, and then navigate to the folder specifying your Operating System. Read the complete article here.

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