Exploring the Oracle Digital Assistant Test Suite For Automated Conversation Testing by Frank Nimphius


Bot conversations in Oracle Digital Assistant are not sequential, or in other words, many paths lead to the same result. The image below shows examples of user input and the expected outcome. Notice that “Please show me the menu”, “I like to order pasta”. I like to order a pasta with bacon” and “I like to order a pasta with bacon and garlic” lead to the same outcome, which is the confirmation of an order. Where the different user messages differ is in the number of states that are visited in the context of the conversation. To throughly test a skill in Oracle Digital Assistant, all possible conversation paths must be tried, and this for every change you apply to the dialog flow or any version or clone of a skills.

Good news is that Oracle Digital Assistant introduced the first implementation of a test suite that allows you, on a skill level, to record a conversation in the embedded conversation tester, which then can be repeatedly run whenever needed. Read the complete article here.

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