Extending the Oracle Web SDK Delegate Feature To Execute Code Asynchronously by Frank Nimphius


This article explains how you can extend the Oracle Web SDK’s delegate feature to execute code asynchronously. For example, when triggering navigation on the website or web application hosting the web messenger, there is no need to wait for navigation to complete to continue with the conversation.

About the Oracle Web SDK and its Delegate Feature

The Oracle Digital Assistant Oracle Web SDK is both, an SDK and a complete web messenger. With the Oracle SDK you can integrate Oracle Digital Assistant as an embedded web widget or in a popup to your website or web application. However, you can also build your own messenger user interface using the JavaScript framework of your choice and only leverage the SDK programming interface to connect and communicate with the Oracle chat server.

The delegate feature in Oracle Web SDK allows you to register callback functions with the Web messenger. The callbacks are invoked before bot responses get rendered, before a user message is sent to the bot, or before postback messages (actions that send complex payload structures) are send. Read the complete article here.

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