Announcing Notifications Triggers for Serverless Functions by Kay Singh


Today, we’re excited to announce the ability of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Notifications service to trigger Oracle Functions.

Oracle Functions is a functions-as-a-service (FaaS) platform that makes it easy for developers to write code that meets business needs without worrying about infrastructure. Oracle Functions manages the underlying infrastructure and scales it elastically to handle incoming service requests. When you use Oracle Functions, you’re billed only for the resources that are consumed when the function runs.

Notifications is a cloud-native messaging service that allows push-based messaging to email, PagerDuty, and HTTPS endpoints. The Notifications service provides first-class integrations with other Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services, such as Events and Monitoring. You can use these integrations to configure a Notifications service topic to deliver notifications of events and alarms to multiple endpoints, like email and PagerDuty, in a fan-out pattern.

Common Use Cases

In today’s cloud-enabled world, you expect your services to always be available. Quickly fixing issues in your cloud infrastructure is key to achieving this objective and is a part of a mature DevOps culture. But imagine your service on-call having to wake up at 3 a.m. to accomplish a simple task like resizing a compute instance to a shape with more memory. We believe in improving our customers’ experience so they can spend more time on productive things. With Notifications triggers for functions, you can now automate this scenario by writing code that resizes the compute instance. Read the complete article here.

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