Engage Users By Splitting Long Messages Into Short Ones. No More "too long; didn’t read" by Frank Nimphius


Its a busted myth that people don’t scroll or read. However, long blocks of text are not very appealing and often result in users only scanning the text and not reading it. This is especially true for displays with reduced sizes as they exists as messengers. But what if you need to display large text sequences? A design principle for creating user interfaces for conversations is to adapt to the target messenger and, if necessary, shorten text blocks to appropriate sizes.

Using Oracle Digital Assistant, one way of breaking up long text into smaller chunks is to use a custom component. This Tech-Note looks at how a “multi-phasic” custom component can be used to segment a large input and feed it back to the client with a specified “read-time” delay added between the various “speech bubbles”. Read the complete article here.

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