Accessing Remote Rest Services from Custom Components Using The Node.js HTTPS module by Frank Nimphius


You use custom components in Oracle Digital Assistant to access REST services for querying or updating data. Because custom components are developed in Node.js, you use Node modules to handle the REST service access. In this article I explain how you use the Node https module to query data and how to write data back to an Oracle Digital Assistant skill.

Note: If you are new to custom components in Oracle Digital Assistant, I do provide links to tutorials and article at the end of this blog article.

Node.js: Basics about accessing REST services

Becase of its simplicity, the most popular Node module for accessing REST service is “request”. The request module however is flagged as deprecated and is no longer actively developed. For this reason, you should use the https Node module. The benefit of the https module is that it is part of the Node.js core package, which means that you don’t need to install any additional Node module, and that it is well documented. Read the complete article here.

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