New Features In Oracle Visual Builder by Shay Shmeltzer


The Visual Builder team is happy to announce the rollout of a new version of our service with many new features and enhancements. In this blog entry we highlight the key new additions, but you are certain to discover many other enhancements as you go through your daily development process as well.

Action Chain Test Automation

We all know that following a test driven development approach can help detect coding issues sooner, making it easier to produce a fix. So how come not all developers follow this methodology? Maybe because writing tests for your code is not fun. With the new Action Chains Test Automation features Visual Builder makes test creation easy and painless. Visual Builder looks at your action chain, and automatically suggest helpful information for defining tests. All you have to do is provide examples of values you expect in variables, and typical results from your REST calls, and VB runs through your action chains and offer suggestions for test results you might want to add to your test case. You’ll also be able to see what percentage of your code is covered by your test, and be able to run individual or complete test suites easily. Read the complete article here.

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