Helidon and JPA by Laird Nelson


Did you know that the Helidon project has full, managed JPA 2.2 support?

This is so much more than the simplistic Java SE-mode Java Persistence API you are probably used to. You may be used to calling Persistence.createEntityManagerFactory() and then managing EntityManagers yourself, taking care to handle exceptions and thread safety and transactions and rollbacks and a lot of other headaches yourself as well. That’s no fun.

Instead, with Helidon MicroProfile, all of those problems are managed for you. You work with Helidon MicroProfile’s managed JPA support in the same convenient, mostly declarative way that you would if you were writing code for a Java EE application server. But Helidon MicroProfile is smaller, lighter and faster than the application servers of yore—in addition to not being an application server at all! This is the best of both worlds.

In this article, we’ll add JPA features to a standard Helidon MicroProfile example project and show you how to work with it in the familiar Java EE-like way you’re used to. I’ve added lots of background links in case you want to check out the primary sources. And we’ll go into enough detail along the way that hopefully you’ll understand how all the pieces hang together.

Let’s dive in. Read the complete article here.

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