Oracle Weblogic now available through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Market Place by Rolando Carrasco


It’s been a while since Oracle decided to go to the Cloud and since Oracle started his journey to the Cloud, Weblogic has been there.

One of the most iconic, used, relevant, important products for Oracle is Weblogic. We all know that Oracle acquired BEA Systems back in 2007~2008, and there were some people that thought that it was going to be the end for such a great application server. But that was far to be truth. We are now in 2020 and Weblogic is still here among us, and not only available for customers who want to purchase it, but in some cases as the most important platform to which a company relies to operate. Just like that.

It is also true, and we need to accept it, that the IT world has changed. That now, more than ever in the history of software development, developers, customers, projects have at their disposal, several alternatives to build an application. Most of those alternatives have very good characteristics to be used and deploy in the Cloud. Some of those alternatives go against the principles of a monolithic application server.

So, the question is: why is Weblogic still relevant? Why a project would be interested on continue using it? Or having it as an alternative?

Well, I mentioned it in the first paragraph of this article: there are a lot of customers still using it, and using it in such a way, that is not possible to move out of it. Nor it would be a good a idea to move outside of it. Read the complete article here.

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