Extend Oracle SaaS with Cloud Native & Serverless Solutions – Partner Community Webcast December 16th, 2020

imageA number of customers have already built extensions/ integrations with Oracle SaaS using a variety of Oracle PaaS services. Going forward some of these will want to upgrade, migrate or build new, extensions/integrations and unsurprisingly want to ensure that their new extensions use modern technologies and modern frameworks. A specific desire these customers will have is the management of the PaaS servers, SaaS customers are used to the SaaS model, they pay by user/invoice and not by CPU and expect Oracle to manage everything.

This presentation aims to help us understand what needs, when extending/integrating, a SaaS customer will have and various patterns they can adopt. The technologies we will explore are the various cloud native technologies, like Kubernetes, streams etc. and serverless technologies like Oracle Functions as a Service.

Speaker: Angelo Santagata Architect, Oracle SaaS A-Team

Schedule: December 16th 2020 16:30-17:30 CET (Berlin time)

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