Editable Table with Visual Builder – Additional Tips by Shay Shmeltzer


In a previous post I showed how to create editable tables in Visual Builder. This entry will cover two additional behaviors you might want to add to your tables – sending only changed records to the backend, and adding a single click option to edit a row.

Update Only Changed Rows

In the video I published on creating an editable table, I looped over every record in the table sending each to the backend to be saved. A better approach would be to only send changed records to the backend. In the video below I start from the previous app and add an array that will save the id of records that have changed. Read the complete article here.

Then we’ll modify the “Save” action chain. For each row from the ADP that populates the table, I’ll check whether the id of that row is in the list of changed rows. Only if it is included in that array we’ll continue with sending an update event to the backend. Read the complete article here.

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