Visual Builder – Migrating Sample Components to the Latest Versions by Duncan Mills



In Oracle Visual Builder we provide a capability to add additional custom components into the page designer component palette from a shared catalog. As part of this offering we have pre-seeded the catalog with a set of example components that you are free to use (unsupported) or copy and adapt (they are provided under the Universal Permissive Licence 1.0).  When we originally released this feature we partitioned these example components into three component packs (see this blog article to learn about packs). Those packs where prefixed oj-sample, oj-sample-mobile and  oj-ext.  As time has gone by we’ve realised that there is really no value in managing each of these component sets separately and so we’ve consolidated all of the components into the base oj-sample pack.

The older packs, (oj-ext and oj-sample-mobile) are still available in the catalog but they will no longer be updated over time and the “newer” versions of the components are present in the oj-sample pack instead.  The following are the effected components and the names of the new versions: Read the complete article here.

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