Displaying A Tip Of The Day Message In Oracle Digital Assistant Using The Oracle Web SDK by Frank Nimphius


Displaying a tip of the day was a very popular feature in client-server applications and on the web. The goal of such tips was to provide easily digestible information that could be fun or help you better understand a program or technology. For some time now I am observing that chatbot developers implement web application functions such as font formatting, dropdown menus, etc. in their web messenger (Oracle Web SDK). So I thought that a tip-of-the-day feature would be cool and engaging for bot users.


Unlike other skills, a tip-of-the-day skill should not be invoked from a user message. In other words, you don’t want users to type “show me another tip of the day” into the message window just to read more tips. In addition, you want the messenger (Oracle Web SDK) to call the tip of the day silently. Ideally, the tip of the day could be implemented so it can be launched at any time by the web messenger.

The Solution

Oracle Digital Assistant knows of two invocation types for skills: implicit and explicit. Implicit invocation is where a pizza skills responds to “I like to order a small veggie pizza”. Explicit invocation is what we all know from Alexa (though the call it a wake up keyword). In Oracle Digital Assistant, each skill has an invocation name. If you mention the invocation name in a user message, then the routing will go to that skill no matter what. Read the complete article here.

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