Setting Composite Bag Entity Item Values From A Custom Component by Frank Nimphius


This article explains how composite bag entity items that are based on complex entities like DATE, NUMBER or CURRENCY can have their values set using a custom component. The use case for this is e.g. to set a DATE item to a current date or set an item to a derived value. A sample skill and sample code can be downloaded.

About entities

Oracle Digital Assistant skills use entities in natural language processing to extract information from user messages based on patterns or values represented by an entity. By doing so, entities represent a single piece of information like a product name, a color, a size or similar.

There are two general types of entities: system entities and custom entities. System entities are built-in entities that include DATE, TIME, DURATION, NUMBER, CURRENCY, EMAIL, PERSON, URL, LOCATION and more.  When extracted from a message, system entities may return single values or complex objects. In the image below, DATE, NUMBER, PERSON and URL entities return objects whereas EMAIL returns a single value. Read the complete article here.

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