How-to allow customers to provide feedback on the usefulness of answers to frequently asked questions by Frank Nimphius


Sometimes a question is what it is; a question. In this case, it makes little sense for a bot to start a long conversation with the user. Instead, the bot should give a direct answer to the question. Answer intents are a recent addition to Oracle Digital Assistant and use the same machine learning model to understand the user question as regular intents do. With answer intents, Oracle Digital Assistant provides a very reliable and successful implementation of the question-answer user case.

A common feature of web-based FAQ pages is that at the end of an answer the user has the opportunity to evaluate the quality of the answer and to provide feedback. Just recently, teams working with answer intents started requesting documentation for a similar implementation pattern for questions answered by Oracle Digital Assistant.

In this article I provide a channel independent sample implementation that behaves like answer intents in Oracle Digital Assistant but that allows extension to be added for users to provide feedback and for the answer response itself to optionally add channel specific properties.

Note: To avoid confusion between the answer intent feature in Oracle Digital assistant and the tip in this article, I refer to the question/answers solution this article provides as FAQ questions, FAQ answers or used FAQ.

The Sample In Action

The screen shots below show the sample skill that you can download at the end of this article exposed on the Oracle Web Channel. When a user starts a conversation (which could be through an initial message as shown in the image below, or through a message displayed in the messenger upon start-up) the sample displays a welcome message. The welcome message is triggered by a welcome intent, which means that it is part of a conversation that allows new users to onboard easily. Read the complete article here.

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