How-to Use Resource Bundles Defined In A Skill Within Custom Components Without Tying The Component To A Specific Skill by Frank Nimphius


Oracle Digital Assistant skills provide resource bundles as a feature for skill developers to build multi language bot responses, or just for them to keep label and prompts in a single place for ease of administration and management. Custom components that are uploaded to a skill don’t have access to resource bundle, which also has to do with how custom components communicate with a skill. The options skill developers have at current to provide translatable label strings and prompts in a custom component are

· to create a custom message bundle functionality for custom components. This way custom components get deployed with their message translations and all a skill developer needs to do is to pass the detected or desired language code for the component to pick the correct language strings

· pass resources bundle strings to be used as labels and prompts from a skill to a custom component, for which developers create input parameters.

The first option, to create a custom message bundle functionality in a custom component, is a less popular choice among skill developers. Instead the intention is to find a way to pass resource bundle strings for a specific language into the custom component. Read the complete article here.

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