Working with Hierarchical Trees in Oracle Visual Builder by Shay Shmeltzer


In this blog and video I’ll show how to display hierarchical data in a tree component in Oracle Visual Builder. Oracle JET has various ways to show these type of hierarchies, and I’m going to start from the most basic tree component. While showing how to do this, we’ll also cover a few other tips/techniques in Visual Builder. Here are some to the tips you’ll learn along the way:

Getting Master and Details in a Single REST Call

In a tree situation, you might want to fetch both the parent and child records in one go. When working with the Visual Builder business components, such relationships are usually implemented with two separate objects with a reference field between them. To enable the master to fetch the details as part of the query, you’ll need to enable the accessor access on the relationship between the two. (See 1:10 in the videos). You will also need to specify the expand option in the REST call to have the actual data fetched. (See 5:20 in the video).

Adding “Missing” JET Components

While some JET components don’t show up in the component palette, you do have access to them in the code editor (7:10 in the video). If you add them through the code editor code insight, we’ll automatically add the needed definition code to the json file for the page. Read the complete article here.

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