Migrate a "Monolith" style Java application to a Microservices style architecture using Helidon by Tim Graves


This is the project for the Migration of a Monolith (well actually quite a simple “Monolith” web app that provides a REST API and a basic database service) into a web service comprised of two microservices using the Helidon framework. The microservices are then extended to provide monitoring capabilities such as metrics and tracing, then to prepare them for cloud native capabilities such as health checks, automatic service restart etc.

The next part of the lab goes through the process of packaging those services up into Docker containers and externalizing configuration such as the database connection details and pushing to a docker repository.

Then we look at how to run the docker containers in Kubernetes, examining how to set up a Kubernetes cluster with basic capabilities, then creating a basic deployment of the services behind an Ingress controller. The labs then examine how to make use of cloud native capabilities in Kubernetes such as horizontal scaling and using the support in Helidon for things like service liveness, readiness and how those combine to enable continuous service delivery using rolling upgrades.

Finally we look at monitoring and graphing to extract data on how the system operates.

Finally we look at horizontal scaling the number of microservice instances to handle changes in load and also how multiple instances can be used to support a rolling upgrade.

There are also several optional lab sections you can do which cover development activities such as extracting information from the REST request (e.g. the name of the user making the request) and how to have the Helidon framework automatically generate Open API documentation (previously known as Swagger) to ensure that the REST API documentation reflects exactly the service currently in use. Optional sections also cover deployment activities such as capturing log data and sending it to a data store for analysis.

In the future the labs will include sections on the use of a Service Mesh, and other Kubernetes based cloud native capabilities such as A/B testing of new releases etc. Get the hands-on lab here.

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