GraalVM: the holy graal of polyglot JVM? By Sarah Brown


Transposit is built on a Java backend and runs customers’ JavaScript on the server-side using Nashorn. After our recent alpha launch, we received numerous customer requests to support ES6 syntax. Nashorn is deprecated in JDK 11 and so is unlikely to ever support full ES6 syntax, so we began investigating alternatives — and GraalVM is where we landed.

Why GraalVM?

GraalVM is Oracle’s recommended replacement for Nashorn, despite the technology being relatively new. We liked the idea of a more performant compiler, and we’re interested in potentially using the GraalVM to allow customers to script in other languages like Python or Ruby besides our currently supported languages (JS, SQL).

We considered introducing NodeJS into our stack, but decided it would take more time and effort than we wanted to invest just to be able to use ES6 syntax. So we chose GraalVM instead because the migration path from Nashorn is clear and fast. Read the complete article here.

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