Oracle Digital Assistant Integrated with Oracle HCM Cloud by SCOTT WALL


Chatbots can be implemented into a variety of business use cases, such as customer service, employee engagement, and human resources (HR). HR use cases can fulfill a variety of functions including retrieving payslips, determining paid time off or vacation balances, or finding entries in the employee directory. Putting these common, repeatable questions in the metaphorical hands of a chatbot can provide quick and efficient service to employees while freeing the HR department to focus on other facets of their jobs.

At Fishbowl Solutions, we have helped two of our customers with Oracle HR solutions. One customer utilized Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud and the other, PeopleSoft. As the name suggests, HCM Cloud is fully in the cloud while PeopleSoft is installed on premise. While both HR solutions have effective chatbot offerings provided by Oracle, we will focus on HCM Cloud in this blog post.

Oracle provides 35+ delivered transactions with their HCM skills, and that number is consistently growing as customer demands grow and change. Just like apps on a smartphone, new versions continue to appear in the skill store that will add and improve functionality. The categories that these transactions fall under are compensation and payment, absence and time, onboarding, global HR tasks, goals and feedback, manager actions, approvals, and recruiting. Read the complete article here.

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