Developer Partner Community Newsletter January 2021

Dear Developer Partner Community,

Every day we publish a blog post with the latest integration and process automation news. Subscribe to our blog to receive the updates. You want to share your best practices and success stories? Please send them via twitter #OracleDeveloperCommunity! We will like and retweet and promote them here in our monthly newsletter. Thanks for all your excellent contributions in 2021! In total we had 118.398 views in 2020. Congratulations to the top blog post in 2020:

1. Oracle Developer Meetups

2. How to use any Oracle JET Component in VBCS by Herman Hensinga

3. Oracle WebLogic Server is Released by Monica Riccelli

You want to network with the Oracle Community? Join our local Oracle Developer Meetups across the world.

Want to start the New Year with an AI and ML online conference? Attend Oracle Developer Live January 26, 28th or February 2nd and attend the How Oracle Built a Digital Assistant. This session focuses on the real-world experience of building, training, and testing the natural language processing (NLP) models for an AI-driven digital assistant. You’ll be introduced to Artie, a digital assistant that helps Oracle developers build chatbots. Oracle Digital Assistant is now available for US government customers (FedRAMP certification). Which opens up many new opportunities in public sector to drive digital transformation.

Thanks to the community for all the excellent mobile & development tool articles: Define Multiple Entity Prompts And Prompt Sequences To Make Your Digital Assistant Appear Less Robotic And More Human & Accessing The Current Range Start For Bag Items In A Composite Bag Entity & How To Tell Which Value Or Synonym Actually Resolved An Entity & The yet not so well known “headerText” property in System.CommonResponse component attachment types & Testing Your Apache FreeMarker Expressions Using The Online FreeMarker Template Tester & Adding Paging Control to Tables in Visual Builder & Displaying Nested Arrays with Nested Tables in Visual Builder & Debugging PWA Apps on Android & Business Object Client Side Caching with Visual Builder.

WebLogic is the leading J2EE Server used by thousands of customers running the largest Java applications. What is the roadmap of WebLogic and how can this applications shifted to the Oracle Cloud Platform? Attend the Application Modernization webinar on February 11th. In the Application Development section we published articles about: Article: Using Terraform to launch the WebLogic Marketplace Stack – Part 1 – Jan Leemans & Helidon 2.2.0 Released & Latest OHIP release debuts with more than 3,000 API capabilities & FlexDeploy Support for Oracle Cloud.

For a short summery of our monthly key information watch the PaaS Partner Updates on YouTube. The January edition highlights the top 2020 blog posts and our social media channels. In this month’s community webcast Sandhya Lakshmi Gopalan and Ravi Pinto will present and update on Oracle SOA Suite. Please join the SOA Suite Modernization Partner Community Webcast January 27th 2021.

Want to publish your best practice article & news in the next community newsletter? Please feel free to send it via Twitter @wlsCommunity #OracleDeveloperCommunity!

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Developer Newsletter January 2021

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