Create menus with icons in Oracle Digital Assistant using the System.Common response component by Frank Nimphius


Menus look much better when icons are displayed for the selected items. Often, a well-chosen icon even improves usability because people recognize patterns so much better than reading labels. In this article I explain how to create icon references for list items in action and value-list menus created with the System.CommonResponse component

How to add icons to select items

Below is an action list in Oracle Digital Assistant as it shows in the embedded conversation tester that does not support remote icons to be displayed on menus.

And here is the same menu displayed on the Oracle Web channel that supports icons displayed for select items.

Although the icons I chose for the screen shot are not great, the menu looks different and probably even more appealing.

You create menus with icons on the select items using the System.CommonResponse component. As a bonus of using this approach, it will work with any messenger that can render icons in menus and not just the web SDK. Messengers that don’t support icons (like SMS or the embedded tester) simply ignore the icon configuration. Read the complete article here.

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