Use Entities To Build Powerful, Robust And Speech-Ready Action Menus by Frank Nimphius


In addition to natural language processing (NLP), menus are a popular means of navigation in a chatbot conversation. Action menus are typically used either as fallback when the NLP engine does not resolve a user message with predefined confidence (threshold), or when a resolved user intent has subcategories into which a conversation can be branched. To build action menus you have a choice:

· You can build action menus manually using the System.CommonResponse component and BotML.

· You can build action menus based on value-list entities that you render using the System.CommonResponse component

In this article I will try to convince you to use the latter approach to use entity based menus (or model driven, as I like to refer to this).

Behavior of manually built action menus

The action menu below has been built manually in BotML. Unlike list-of-values, which set a value to a variable when a user selects an item from the list, action menus trigger a navigation to a specific dialog flow state. With this behavior, action menus are like menus in web and mobile applications. Read the complete article here.

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