Managing state in Oracle Digital Assistant custom components by Frank Nimphius


Like built-in components, custom components may have an interaction with a user that spans multiple turns. To have a conversation with a user, components needs to maintain state to tell the UI to render and the behavior to execute. In this article I explain two options you can use to manage and maintain state in custom components.

Tickets4Sale Sample

The sample used built for this article is an incomplete implementation of an event service bot. As a disclaimer, notice that the main objective of the sample is to provide a framework for demonstrating component state management.

After you imported the sample skill to Oracle Digital Assistant (version 20.x or later), you need to train the model. When finished, open the conversation tester in Oracle Digital Assistant and type “hi”, after which the skill introduces itself.

The sample skill uses the following three band names to provide its services: Rolling Stones, Foreigner and Santana (you can add more bands by editing the artists entity of the skill). When the user asks for one of the three bands, a message with randomly generated data is displayed when the band can be seen live on stage. The user can then select to buy a ticket (not implemented in the sample), to get a reminder later via email, or to cancel the ticket query/order process. Read the complete article here.

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