Asynchronous Polyglot programming in GraalVM JavaScript by Daniele Bonetta


One of the many cool features of GraalVM is its support for polyglot applications. The ability to mix and match programming styles and paradigms makes it easy to combine different programming models allowing developers to take advantage of different languages in a single application. Since GraalVM was open sourced, many platforms and frameworks have started embedding GraalVM language runtimes to provide scripting capabilities through dynamic languages such as JavaScript or Python, for example Vert.x Es4x, as well as some experimental builds of Oracle Database.

Mixing and combining different programming languages often means mixing and combining different programming styles and paradigms. This is evident in applications that mix programming languages with dissimilar models of concurrency and parallel execution. In this blog post we focus on the combination of Java and JavaScript in the context of asynchronous applications. Read the complete article here.

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