How to add version control with GIT to your custom component projects by Frank Nimphius


GIT is a free open source version control system available at

This article does not explain GIT but shows how you can use GIT to version control Oracle Digital Assistant custom component service projects.

Also, in this article I propose a GIT repository structure that has directories built for each skill requiring custom components. This proposal is for custom components that should be deployed to the local component container in a skill. You would probably use a different code organization if components will be deployed to a remote repository.

For illustration purposes, this article uses Microsoft Visual Studio Code as a JavaScript IDE because it has GIT support built-in.

When you develop custom component services, you don’t have any dependencies  to a specific JavaScript IDE and can choose whatever you prefer. At least though you want to make sure that the IDE you use supports Node debugging. If you are experienced with GIT then you will be able to get away without GIT support in the IDE and use the command lie instead. Read the complete article here.

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