Embedding Visual Builder Apps In Oracle Cloud Applications by Shay Shmeltzer


In some cases you will want to access Oracle Visual Builder application through an interface built with another product/service. For example, embed the VB app in a portal or another app. Embedding Visual Builder UI in an Oracle Cloud Application (Oracle’s SaaS) page is another example of this use case. In this blog we’ll show how to achieve this.

Adapting the Visual Builder App

There are three things you’ll likely want to setup in your Visual Builder app when you know it is going to be embedded.

The first one is a must do – in the web app settings->security section you should allow your application to be embedded in other servers. If not set, when a site will try to embed the URL of your app it will be denied and in the console you’ll see a message similar to “Refused to display ‘URL’ in a frame because it set ‘X-Frame-Options'”. By default VB apps are not allowing other sites to embed them because of security concerns, so you need to specifically set this entry. (Note that you must re-publish your app after you change this setting). The other thing you likely want to do is remove any surrounding chrome around the core content of your app. These parts are usually defined in the shell page which acts as the template for your page. Simply go and edit the HTML removing things that are not needed in the embedded version. Read the complete article here

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