Run polyglot apps with WebLogic 14.1.1 and GraalVM EE by Michel Schildmeijer


As Oracle announced on Oracle OpenWorld 2019 ( why does that seem like ages ago?? ) WebLogic 14 version, and later that years this release, also was announced this version was certified to run with GraalVM. Now that makes WebLogic more than only the Java EE application server that it used to be, because now other application technologies such as JavaScript, Ruby or Python could theoretically run on WebLogic.

This made me curious and I decided to research and develop a way to rollout a WebLogic platform running with GraalVM, on Oracle’s managed Kubernetes Engine.

Requirements and necessary steps

To run it on Kubernetes, I had to prepare the following

· Obtain the GraalVM EE software package

· Build a GraalVM EE Docker Image and push it to my private container registry

· Build a WebLogic 14 image using the GraalVM EE Image and push it to my private regsitry

· Create a WebLogic 14 domain on Kubernetes using the WebLogic Kubernetes Operator

GraalVM EE  software

Now GraalVM is partial OpenSource, thats the Communtiy Edition ( GraalVM CE), but for using it with WebLogic, the GraalVM EE is required. At time of writing this blog the version is 19.3.2, to be downloaded fro Package is to be downloaded as  V995577-01.tar,gz. Because there is no GraalVM EE container image public available, I built one myself, using docker build tools. Read the complete article here.

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