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  • imageA highlight reel Catch six highlights about Oracle’s newest Cloud@Customer offering, which puts a complete public cloud into your data center. Hear Oracle CTO and Chairman Larry Ellison lay out the benefits, an analyst call the product a “pink unicorn,” and customers explain why they’re intrigued.
  • Next level Larry Ellison details new Oracle Cloud@Customer services that will help more companies benefit from autonomous cloud services.
  • Announcing a New Forum: HCM Digital Assistant We are excited to announce the launch of the new HCM Digital Assistant Forum on Cloud Customer Connect. The HCM Digital Assistant provides an intuitive, AI-powered conversational user interface enabling both managers and employees to carry out more than 50 common actions using natural language.
  • Hands free See how Oracle Digital Assistant lets technicians use their voices to capture data while keeping their hands free for maintenance work
  • JavaFX on Raspberry Pi The inexpensive single-board computer works great with Java, making hardware development as easy as traditional software development.
  • Asynchronous Polyglot Programming in GraalVM JavaScript One of the many cool features of GraalVM is its support for polyglot applications. The ability to mix and match programming styles and paradigms makes it easy to combine different programming models allowing developers to take advantage of different languages in a single application.
  • Announcing Helidon 2.0 Helidon provides a set of Java libraries that simplify microservices development, and offer developers a range of features and benefits. Helidon MP GraalVM Native Image support in Helidon 2.0 adds to the existing Helidon SE GraalVM Native Image support, bringing GraalVM Native Image startup and memory consumption benefits to MicroProfile developers.
  • Announcing Coherence Community Edition Oracle is pleased to announce that it is making the core of Oracle Coherence available as free and open source software in Coherence Community Edition.

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