What Is Best for Frequently Asked Questions In Oracle Digital Assistant? Regular or Answer Intents? By Frank Nimphius


Answer intent in Oracle Digital Assistant uses Trainer Tm, a machine learning model, to understand how users ask for a particular answer. Unlike other systems that map an answer to one or more questions in order to retrieve the answer, the machine learning based system learns from examples (utterances) allowing it to produce answer with high confidence.

Also, by using Trainer Tm as the machine learning model in Oracle Digital Assistant, answer intents use the same optimized algorithm as regular intents, which leads to the question of what is better to use for FAQ, answer intents or regular intents. Before going into any details, let me share the answer: “Use both!”

Answer Intents

Answer intents in Oracle Digital Assistant retrieve answers from resource bundles. The resource bundles key is determined by the name of the resolved intent. The image below shows how the intent is mapped to a resource bundle . Read the complete article here.

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