Automate Visual Application’s CI/CD with Visual Builder Studio by Shay Shmeltzer


Oracle Visual Builder Studio offers an improved experience for packaging and deploying Visual Applications. We now offer declarative built-in tasks that let you package and optimize your app, deploy it (either stage or live version), and manage the data stored in the app. These declarative tasks are based on an updated set of Grunt tasks available for Visual Builder, which can also be leveraged in other CI/CD platforms.

One of the nice features of Visual Builder Studio is that it automatically creates a CI/CD pipeline for your app when you create a workspace for a new or imported app. In this blog we explain what is actually being created, so you can implement additional CI/CD flows either in VBStudio or outside.

Packaging the App

The first build step we use is the package option for Visual Application – this step processes the code from your git repository, and creates zip files that contain an optimized version of your app ready to be deployed. Under the hood we are using the vb-process-local grunt task to achieve this. We then archive the resulting artifact so they can be picked up by the next build step – the deploy step. Read the complete article here.

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