Developer Partner Community Newsletter March 2021

Dear Developer Partner Community,

In the last 6 month we offered eighteen Oracle Digital Assistant Bootcamps for Partners. 968 persons attended these hands-on trainings. More than 2800 persons are on the waiting list, therefor we offer three additional workshops, please see below registration details, in the next months. Thanks for spending your valuable time to become trained and certified. What is the impact of this huge investment by our partners? 6 of the top 10 Oracle Digital Assistant customers are implemented by partners! Congratulations and thanks for your success. Trained and certified consultants implement successful customer projects.

For Peoplesoft customer we offer pre-build chatbot templates. Your smart online assistant for daily tasks and frequent queries. PeopleSoft delivers setup pages which can be used to develop and deploy chatbots on PeopleSoft systems. Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) is leveraged to enable chatbots on PeopleSoft systems. Chatbots can be configured as Tiles or as a Widget to PeopleSoft Application pages. It can also be accessed through external messaging client buy sending a message directly to the Twilio number of the skill. Chatbot skills functionality include HR services like benefits, payroll, absence, recruit, expenses and employee directory. Thanks to the community for all the excellent chatbot & development tool articles: Implement Adaptive Bot Design Using Message Bundles In Oracle Digital Assistant & Deciding how to partition your digital assistant into multiple skills & The MS Excel Challenge Of Curating Utterances And Resource Bundles For Oracle Digital Assistant & Visual Builder Cookbook – February Update & Visual Builder Office Hours March 15th 2021 & Business Rules in Visual Builder Cloud Service.

Oracle Marketplace offers a streamlined way to get started with a publisher’s software, and through the Marketplace UI you can simply spin up any of these solutions through a simple wizard using Terraform and Images of WebLogic. It’s a great opportunity to shift Java applications to the Oracle Cloud platform. In the Application Development section we published articles about: Helidon Messaging with JMS & How to push a Coherence CE application out to a Kubernetes cluster, and then scale and manage that cluster & Peek Inside Coherence with OpenTracing, Part 3 & Access Coherence using GraphQL & Get insight into API Gateway logs using OCI Logging Analytics & Migrating from Generic Data Source to Active GridLink.

For a short summery of our monthly key information watch the PaaS Partner Updates on YouTube. The March edition highlights the hands-on Integration Bootcamps and the Oracle Hospitality Innovation Week. In this month’s community webcast Luis Weir and Niall Commiskey will present how to combine OHIP and Oracle Integration to connect Opera with Oracle SaaS. Please join the Partner Community Webcast March 30th 2021. On-demand webcast recordings are available at the Oracle Video Hub.

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Developer Newsletter March 2021

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