Automated Unit Testing of Node Fn Functions using Jest by Lucas Jellema


Crucial pieces of functionality in cloud native applications is implemented in Functions. In the case of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure specifically, the Functions framework is typically Project Fn and the implementation language of choice is … up to the DevOps team. Popular languages for implementing Functions include Go, Python, Java and JavaScript.

Automated code level tests are essential to describe and prove the behavior of the software and to allow rapid and safe refactoring of the code. These tests should be executable in a fully automated way, run against the code as it is without special provisions in the code for running the test, without requiring deployment of the code to a central environment and focus on the core: not the external dependencies used by the code at runtime and not the frameworks that wrap the code at runtime. In the case of Fn Functions, automated code level unit tests should not include the Fn libraries — but only deal with the code the developers in the DevOps team have written to implement the required functionality in the code. Read the complete article here.

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