Using cURL to Export Oracle Digital Assistant Insights Data by Viraj Purang


If you need to view the Insights data for a Digital Assistant and at the same time also view the events for its constituent skills, you can export the data to a CSV file and create your own reports from there.

You also can automate the export, which gives you a way to monitor how well an ODA is functioning at certain time intervals, for example. You do this making by REST calls to the Insights for Skills API from a script, as described in this topic. The section below is an essential read before you jump into the API usage documentation.

The API endpoint (/api/v1/bots/insights/dataExports) that has been used in the accompanying text below, creates and starts an asynchronous task to export a digital assistant’s or skill’s insights data into a ZIP file that’s stored in the instance.

The response includes a jobId, which a user can utilize for the task’s ID in other Insights Data Management Export operations. This data can be filtered by a digital assistant’s ID, a skill’s bot name and optional version, or a bot ID. In addition to the options presented above, the data to be exported can be filtered by a date range. Read the complete article here.

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