Developer Partner Community Newsletter April 2021

Dear Developer Partner Community,

Bots are the future? In fact, if you’re wondering whether your business should create a bot, you’re asking the wrong question. Bot-powered commerce is the future. This technology is still in its infancy, so most bots follow a set of rules programmed by a human via a bot-building platform, and one of them is Oracle Digital Assistant. In April we offer Chatbot introduction and hands-on training’s. In these 4 sessions you will learn what is Oracle Digital Assistant and what features are provided to build machine learning powered chatbots. Moreover, we will demonstrate how to create code-free a conversation in a matter of minutes. The series completes with best practices to create an awesome digital assistant experience. In case you can’t attend these live training’s, access the football chatbot blog series.

How to make your chatbot project successful? Scott Wall describes the 4 success factors. Thanks to the community for all the excellent chatbot & development tool articles: Three Ways Oracle Digital Assistant Creates Customer Service Success & Build a Football Chatbot with Oracle Digital Assistant Series & How can a chatbot help increase employee engagement and productivity? & HCM Skill Learning Path & With Oracle, Yokeru calls thousands of households during COVID & Sharing A Skill With Sample Code For Using The ICU Message Format In Oracle Digital Assistant & Building A Frequently Asked Question Skill Using A Programming By Convention Approach & Effortless App Development with Oracle Visual Builder: Boost productivity by building web and mobile applications efficiently using the drag-and-drop approach & Monitoring Visual Builder Apps with Oracle Application Performance Monitoring & Performance Optimization for Visual Builder Apps & Working with Action Cards in Visual Builder.

The latest release of the WebLogic for OCI / OKE and WLSDM offerings are available in Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Want to promote Your services and apps? Submit your offering here and see the documentation here. In the Application Development section we published articles about: The NEW WebLogic Server Remote Console & Kotlin + Helidon & Build a Kafka Cluster on an Oracle Kubernetes Engine & WLSDM Operation Center.

For a short summery of our monthly key information watch the PaaS Partner Updates on YouTube. The April edition highlights the hands-on Chatbot training and a brand new Integration newsletter for customers. In this month’s community webcast Greg Mally & Deepak Arora will present Identity Propagation call from Integration Cloud to Oracle SaaS Applications. Please join the Partner Community Webcast April 27th 2021. On-demand webcast recordings are available at the Oracle Video Hub.

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Developer Newsletter April 2021

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