Micronaut Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Module for Simple SDK Integration and Performant Serverless Functions by Todd Sharp


If you’ve read my blogs here, follow me on Twitter, or on GitHub then you have figured out that I’m a pretty big fan of Micronaut. I won’t get into the performance aspect of what makes it so great in this post (and trust me, there is plenty to talk about regarding performance). Instead, I’ll focus on a few of the other reasons why I’m such a fan. First off, the framework is well documented and has plenty of modules available to make software development, testing, and deployments easier developers. Maybe you’re using Liquibase or Flyway to manage database migrations? Perhaps you’d like to document your microservices with OpenAPI/Swagger? No problem, that’s easy to do with Micronaut. There are new features coming all the time and it’s easy to develop and contribute your own integrations to the community. But it’s not just developer tool integrations like Liquibase, Flyway, and Open API that make Micronaut great. There are also cloud integrations that you would expect in a framework that calls itself “natively cloud-native”. Read the complete article here.

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